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Cal Poly lifts masks restrictions for start of spring quarter

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Posted at 11:39 AM, Mar 28, 2022

Cal Poly's indoor mask requirement is no more. The university changed its policy starting Monday, the beginning of Spring Quarter.

“I feel like I'll be able to, like, connect more with like teachers and students. I feel like it's really hard to be social. I feel like it's almost like social anxiety. People like using masks to, like, cover up, and so I'm excited to actually see people's faces," said second-year student Avery Faria.

“I think the COVID has become much better all throughout and people are getting fully vaccinated, so I think it's fine. I mean, personally, I'm OK with it,” said freshman Aarnav Bahl.

The university says it made the change due to the high number of students and staff who are vaccinated and boosted, as well as the low number of COVID-19 cases on campus.

"I have, like, terrible hearing so I'm really excited to actually see people's mouths because the whole time I'm listening, I'm all 'I did not catch anything!' So I'm excited," said Faria.

COVID-19 testing will only be required for students and staff who are not up to date on their vaccinations.

People will still need to wear masks in medical settings, like the health center and on public transit, including the Mustang Shuttle.

Cal Poly says starting Friday, masks are encouraged but not required while attending ticketed events at the PAC Center, although some events may still require masks.