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Cal Poly providing training, kits to help prevent fentanyl overdoses

Overdose prevention kit
Posted at 10:38 AM, Sep 27, 2022

Overdose prevention kits are being handed out at Cal Poly as the fall quarter gets underway.

San Luis Obispo County reports 62% of overdose deaths reported within the county are opioid related.

Administrators at Cal Poly say any illegal drug is suspect because press powders, pills, and LSD can all be cut with fentanyl.

The university is now offering trainings on what to do in the case of a fentanyl overdose after observing the national problem.

Prevention Specialist and Health Educator Kirsten Vinther says the university wants to get ahead before fentanyl becomes a problem on campus.

“Gosh, I think a more accurate question was, is where is fentanyl not being put in?” she said.

Cal Poly distributes overdose prevention kits in a couple of different ways, and they are available to students for free at the campus pharmacy.

“I, myself, out of campus health and wellbeing, health, education, I do pop up trainings, so Thursdays 11 to 12, I sit outside and I do trainings with students. I teach them how to use it,” added Vinther.

The trainings take about 10 minutes and Vinther says she would like to see a kit in the hands of every student, staff, and faculty member.

“Last year we gave out 291 overdose prevention kits. We're just starting to ramp up for this year. My goal is to at least double that,” she explained.

The overdose prevention kits include two doses of Narcan and a CPR face shield. Symptoms of an overdose can include loss of consciousness, lips and nailbeds turning blue and labored breathing.

If someone sees a person exhibiting symptoms of an overdose, Vinther says people should turn them on their side and call 911.