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California residents escaping to Central Coast to beat the heat

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Posted at 6:47 PM, Jul 15, 2022

The summer heat has forced people from across the state of California to flock to the beaches over the weekend.

“We drove up the coast all the way and saw everything up through Monterey and San Francisco and came back down to here,” said Mike Comstock, Long Beach resident.

Pismo Beach is a popular destination this weekend, with many visitors saying they came to avoid the heat altogether.

“It was a little warm, but we were just trying to get away from the area and decompress and cut off and take a little vacation,” said Ariana Comstock, Long Beach resident.

“In Stockton right now, we’ve got a massive heat wave,” said Quentin Inniss, Stockton resident. “We're just happy to be here visiting our grandma, eating the good food, taking in the nice weather.”

“It's like a breath of fresh air because Stockton is super hot and you can never wear pants anywhere and sweaters anywhere, and especially in the summer,” said Kenny Alexander, Stockton resident. “Coming here, I can finally bring up my sweaters again.”

“It's too hot where we live,” said Melissa Fisher, Redlands resident. “We came out to get away from the heat, get a little escape from our everyday.”

“It's very nice because we can go to the beach and it's just nice to cool off,” said Alanna Fisher, Redlands resident.

“I've been here 25 years, and this weather today is especially wonderful,” said Nancy Morris-Homan, Pismo Beach resident. “Last week it was gray and foggy all day long.”

“It's really awesome,” said Cole Fisher, Redlands resident. “I think it's a great experience for a lot of people.

While the temperatures in Paso Robles were warmer than in Pismo Beach on Friday, The Ravine Waterpark was a popular place for people looking to cool off.

“I believe having this in North County is really more beneficial, saves time, and saves a little bit of money,” said The Ravine Waterpark server Tori Palm.

“We basically live in the desert and come here to cool off,” said Martin Martinson, Paso Robles resident.

“It’s the summer, we need to do something,” said Jonathan Baxstresser, Paso Robles resident.

“Here we have fun with friends,” said Ryan Dennish, a Paso Robles resident.

Employees from The Ravine Waterpark said the park wasn’t the most crowded they’ve seen on Friday.

“The weather is the biggest determiner,” said The Ravine Waterpark Manager Nathan Butterfield. “If it's above 95 degrees, there's above 2,000 people. If it's below 95 degrees, it is below 2,000 people every time.”

The staff says they are prepared for any people who may not be able to withstand the hotter temperatures.

“We have an EMT on staff who kind of circulates the park and double checks on people, and if anything does happen, we do have a team that jumps in and takes care of them,” said The Ravine Waterpark Administrator Koby Wescom.