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Central Coast community welcomes home Kyndal Gottfried after overcoming brain cancer

Community welcomes Kyndal Gottfried after overcoming brain cancer
Kyndal and her family said they are very grateful for the community’s endless support through donations, gifts, phone calls and prayers.
Posted at 5:23 PM, Feb 07, 2022

Wearing a tiara, Princess Kyndal Gottfried rang a bell to signal she is finally cancer free. The little one already has plans in mind.

“I’m excited to go to the beach," said Kyndal.

Kyndal Gottfried endured a tough battle.

“She’s so small, but she’s got so much fight in her,” said Jordan Gottfried, Kyndal’s uncle.

In March 2021, a family trip to Texas led to a grim diagnosis.

“The day after we flew in, Kyndal wasn’t feeling well, that’s when we took her to the emergency room and found out about her cancer,” explained Raquel Gottfried, Kyndal’s mother.

Kyndal underwent brain surgery, six weeks of radiation and seven rounds of chemotherapy all at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

“It was a hard, hard journey, but it was also beautiful and rewarding, I've never been so close to her,” added Raquel.

Kyndal and her mom Raquel came back home to the Central Coast with quite a welcome party on Sunday at Barrelhouse in Paso Robles.

“She's touched a lot of lives in so many different ways,” said Jordan.

CAL FIRE led a parade and gave young Kyndal a flower bouquet. Community members showered her with hugs.

“Even at our lowest time when it was a really hard struggle, the community brought us up, just to be there for us everything they have done was a huge blessing and is what really got us through, is the support that we had back home and in Texas,” added Sareah Gottfried, Kyndal’s aunt.

The Gottfrieds said their faith helped them overcome this difficult chapter.

“The prayers that everyone surrounded us with, it was truly amazing,” said Raquel.

Kyndal defied the odds.

“She is a very resilient strong, brave little girl, and I know that she is going to do big things in life,” said Sareah.

Raquel is looking forward to returning to her job and having Kyndal go to school.

“Kyndal has never been excited to go to school, she’s going to finish the kindergarten year,” added Raquel.

A life of endless opportunities and possibilities awaits Kyndal.

“She's athletically inclined anyway, so I don’t have to worry about her being afraid to try new things,” said Steven Gottfried. Kyndal’s grandfather. “She loves gymnastics, and she wants to play soccer.”

Because of the aggressive cancer Kyndal had, she will be closely monitored with scans and tests every three months for the next two years. Then it will be every six months.