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Central Coast entrepreneurs make device that cleans your credit cards in COVID world

Posted at 10:43 AM, Aug 11, 2020

A 2019 study showed credit cards can be dirtier than a New York City subway urinal. So how do you clean them?

Two Central Coast entrepreneurs came up with the idea to clean your credit card in a COVID world.

Enter Saniswiper. After a transaction, simply swipe the card through the device that has disinfectant that cleans the card. Restaurants and hotels are using the device, especially to clean widely used hotel room cards.

Its creators, Brandon Crane and Joe Debruynkops, say a number of local businesses find it is a useful product to help create another step of safety for its customers.

"You know, ideally we will see Saniswiper in grocery stores and at every place where a credit card could be contaminated saniswiper will be there to clean it," Debruynkops, a Cal Poly student, said.

The idea came from hanging out during quaratine. "We were up in Tahoe actually and came up with this idea and said lets do it," co-founder Crane said. "Nothing better to do during quarantine right?"

You can even have it for home. The devices are on sale for $40. Learn more at the Saniswiper website.