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Central Coast health officials to start discussing this year's Halloween celebrations

Posted at 6:21 PM, Sep 09, 2020

With Los Angeles County’s recent announcement suggesting people not participate in trick-or-treating this Halloween, Central Coast residents are wondering if the same will happen here.

Parents and children are already picking out their Halloween costumes for this year, but some of them say they have other ideas on ways to celebrate if San Luis Obispo County officials decide to advise people to celebrate at home.

"My husband thought maybe we should skip costumes altogether, I said no not happening," said Jesi Bender.

Bender and her family say they look forward to celebrating Halloween every year, but due to the pandemic, they plan to adapt and get creative.

"The way that you now react to whatever news comes out and whatever restrictions are put in place like there are ways that we can adapt, there are things that we can do and there's still hope that we can have a fun Halloween," said Bender.

Although San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties have yet to announce any Halloween restrictions, health officials say it can be difficult to maintain proper social distancing when children are trick-or-treating.

Halloween fanatics like Martina Godwin said she prefers to be safe and stay and at home this year.

"This year I think we are going to do a little candy hunt at our own house, kinda like Easter but instead trick-or-treating just so we don't have to second guess it or be stressed out about it," said Godwin.

"I know a lot of people are automatically jumping into this is the worst possible thing out there, I think that as parents it gives us a chance to try to be creative and show our kids how we adapt," said Bender.

Health officials in San Luis Obispo County say they started having conversations about Halloween Wednesday, but no decisions have been made.