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Central Coast outdoor workers keep going through the heat

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Posted at 7:09 PM, Apr 08, 2022

Outdoor workers have had to deal with warm temperatures on the Central Coast over the past week.

Renae Baker, a sales representative at Cherry Lane Nursery in Arroyo Grande, says dealing with the heat is simply a part of her industry.

“I’m outside talking about plants all day, people want to be here and enjoy their gardens, so they don’t mind a little heat,” said Baker. “We get this kind of weather on a regular basis, it’s the ebb and flow of our Central Coast.”

For outdoor workers like Baker and Tim Andrade, Andrade Landscape owner, working in the heat is nothing new.

“I love grinding, I love working outside, I couldn’t be happier being outside,” said Andrade. “You’ve got to realize it is hot now, but it is also cold in the wintertime.”

Baker consistently is outside tending to plants at Cherry Lane Nursery.

“We’re always checking the plants for anything we missed watering and then we keep ourselves hydrated as we are going along,” said Baker. “I bring a big ice chest to work full of ice water for the employees or ravished customers.”

Andrade manages a team of five employees, saying hydration is key.

“I encourage them to have plenty of water aboard on their vehicles and then just be wise to what they’re doing,” said Andrade. “Just stay hydrated before you even start and make sure to have a drink or two when you’re done.”

For construction workers like Zachary Zabala, working in the heat is no problem.

“It’s really not too bad, it’s a nice change from the winter,” said Zabala. “We get our 30-minute break or if we need to take a break and get some shade, we definitely are allowed that opportunity. We’re treated really well.”

“You just need to monitor your own body and make sure you don’t overexert yourself,” said Baker.

“When you stop sweating is the most important part, that means your body is shutting down,” added Andrade.

“Just keep moving, get your sweat going, that will keep you cool, and we get the opportunity to drink as much water as we can,” said Zabala.