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Central Coast school district prepares for vaccine mandate in schools

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Posted at 10:45 AM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-23 13:45:22-05

California announced plans to require students to show proof of vaccinations against COVID-19 after the FDA fully approves it.

At Lompoc Unified School District, they have a plan to make sure they are prepared. Bree Valla, the Deputy Superintendent of Lompoc Unified School District, told KSBY, “We're going to start next month collecting information from families regarding those children who have received the vaccine. So we have that and then continue to work with Santa Barbara County Public Health to provide vaccine clinics at our campuses.”

Right now, those five years old and up can get a COVID-19 vaccination and everyone 12 and up can get a booster shot.

This all falls under the umbrella of the FDA’s emergency use authorization, where they can authorize medical products not yet fully approved, in emergencies. These emergencies include phenomena like life-threatening diseases, such as COVID-19.

If and when the FDA approves the vaccine, that is when the chain reaction will begin in schools.

“For those families who have not yet vaccinated their children and are interested in doing so and also identify for those families who are uncomfortable with vaccines, their children cannot be vaccinated. Explain options to those families as well,” said Valla.

She explained, “We are not planning on doing any hybrid instruction where some students are at home while other students are in person. Our plan is to do an independent track where the students could learn either in-person with the teacher, or an independent format remotely through Zoom.”

After the FDA approval, that is when the public input and revision process where people can share their opinions will begin.

The California Department of Public Health has not yet laid out a concrete plan for how they will implement personal belief exemptions.