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CHP offers Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

California Storms
Posted at 7:53 AM, Dec 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-13 14:49:01-05

California Highway Patrol (CHP) had a few tips for drivers ahead of this week’s rainstorm.

They said to drive slower than usual, consider leaving 15 to 20 minutes early before a commute, make sure the windshield wipers are working, and check to make sure there aren’t any cracks in your windshield.

Officer Miguel Alvarez of San Luis Obispo CHP told KSBY, “You know, you definitely don't ever want to be driving through still water. You don't know how deep it is. You might get it, get stuck with the vehicle, you know, disabled in those areas.”

Still water is when rain pools on the road. CHP warns people when they turn, to be aware of the pools, especially when people are making turns.

When people turn, they often slow down or brake, but if the tires stop moving the vehicle may drift because there isn’t traction beneath the tires.

“So just slowing yourself down, making sure your tires are in good shape. And then, you know, if you obviously that one of the major issues that we're dealing with is also hydroplaning. If you're driving too fast and you're going through standing water, you might lose control of your vehicle,” said Officer Alvarez.

Keep in mind, the rain brings up oil from the roads which contributes to the slick conditions.