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City of Atascadero moves forward with Del Rio Marketplace project

The City of Atascadero expects construction permits to be issued in the next six months, but it will take years to complete.
Posted at 6:07 PM, Jun 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-29 22:27:24-04

The City of Atascadero is moving forward with an 11.1-acre project anchored by a grocery store and meant for locals to enjoy.

“You can expect to see restaurant spaces, office spaces and some commercial that could be light-industrial or makers-type spaces: think coffee roasters, jewelry maker, that type of thing,” said Heather Moreno, City of Atascadero Mayor. “We anticipate it being very nicely landscaped a lot of walkability.”

Back in 2012, a plan was approved but it was later amended in 2020. Since then, the property has been marketed to businesses and grocery tenants.

“One of the benefits also is that it is helping us to correct the jobs and housing imbalance that we have. The more we can offer our residents to be able to live and work and stay here, the better,” Moreno added.

Having a new grocery store in town is exciting for nearby residents.

Margarita Guzman said her family is very happy because she will have a place to take her kids for entertainment. Guzman also said that during the pandemic she has struggled with food shortages at local grocery stores.

“We need some more outlets like the grocery store and all the other things,” said Atascadero resident Cathy Dowling. “I guess my only concern will be, do they or will they have enough parking?”

In the Del Rio Marketplace staff report presented at the city council’s meeting on Tuesday, it states that the goal for parking is to include 580 parking spots.

“The owner has made as solid a commitment as possible to construct as much in the first phase,” said Patti Whelan, who spoke during the meeting on behalf of the development applicant.

During public comment, a group of neighbors expressed concerns over noise and traffic. Something both the city and the applicant are working to address.

“A lot of time to make sure construction adheres to strict noise and time standards,” Moreno said.

Privacy was another issue included in Tuesday’s motion.

“We did condition that in the north-facing side of one of the exchange buildings that had the greatest ability to potentially look into neighboring yards, we asked that there be no balconies,” Moreno explained. “The applicant was happy to comply, so you wouldn’t have people sitting outside potentially 30 feet up and overlooking into your backyard.”

This development will be done in phases. The City of Atascadero said Valley Fresh is aiming to get the marketplace up and running by fall or winter of 2023.

The City of Atascadero expects construction permits to be issued in the next six months, but it will take years to complete.

To view the full city council meeting, click here.