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City of Pismo Beach buys property with hope of building a downtown parking structure

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jan 17, 2020

Parking woes could be a thing of the past for people looking to visit Pismo Beach.

City leaders say lack of parking is one of the biggest complaints they hear and now they are going the extra mile to build a potential parking structure at 330 Main Street.

The city purchased the property of Coastal Vacation Rentals Real Estate in December for $1.45 million.

The money used to buy the land came from paid parking over the years, according to the city.

“There are two options either a surface lot or a parking structure and a structure has been talked about for years, it's part of the city's goals to identify an option and this purchase gives us that option,” said Jorge Garcia, management services director of Pismo Beach.

The proximity to city-owned parking lot on Dolliver and Main St. made the property attractive.

The temporary loss of 125 spots during the construction of Pier Plaza adding parking stress to some drivers.

If plans were submitted and approved, the structure could sit 35 ft tall.

“A lot of people come here especially during the summer and I think having a parking structure would help people find spots easier,” said Gane Turner, a Paso Roble resident.

If one is built, drivers hope it's pretty and affordable.

“As long as it's reasonable and it's not a big eyesore to a lot of people because Pismo Beach is so beautiful, I think that would be a wonderful idea,” said Brian Oliva, a visitor.

City leaders said they are talking with property owners at 320 Main, right next door.

Everything is in the early planning phases and nothing is definite yet according to city officials.

In the meantime, the city is currently renting the space at 330 Main St. to the commercial operator.