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Construction on Creston Road in Paso Robles is expected to start in the summer

Posted at 8:47 PM, Apr 01, 2023

A large road construction project will start this summer along the Creston Road corridor from South River Road to Niblick Road in Paso Robles bringing repairs and improvements to this heavily traveled area.

 Some residents in the area agree with the changes.

“I think it's really important. It's definitely nice to see that they are, you know, fixing the roads and they care about the people that do live here," said Paso Robles resident, Robert Pina.

For Pina, there’s not a day he doesn’t drive on Creston Road.

“Daily, multiple times a day," added Pina.

So what will the finished product look like? Well according to the City of Paso Robles, there are actually multiple components including new bike lanes, sewer pipes, fire hydrants, storm drains, and a better way for pedestrians to access sidewalks.

 One of the most welcomed changes will be the addition of a sidewalk along the area of Daniel Lewis Middle School.

“During basketball season, because we all play basketball. We would get snacks from right here and then we would walk back down that road and it was always very dangerous because the cars would be very close to us as there's no sidewalk on that road. So it'd be very useful to get a sidewalk there," said Trenton Mondor.

The owner of "Country Florist" near Creston Road told KSBY she knew right away this would be a beneficial outcome for the community.

“There's a lot of children that walk home from school and ride their bicycles and to have that sidewalk fixed and bike lanes in there, I think it'll just be a lot safer for the kids," said Kay McClein.

A roundabout will also be placed at Rolling Hills and Creston.

According to the city, the estimated construction cost will be about $8,000,000.

Construction will occur in two phases. The first phase is from South River Road to Orchard. Phase two is that portion from Orchard to Niblick which includes the roundabout at Rolling Hills.

 Phase one is expected to start this summer and will take approximately a year to a year and a half to complete.

Drivers can expect delays as traffic will be stopped at certain times but the road will remain open during construction.

According to the City of Paso Robles, funding for the project is a combination of Measure E12 Sales Tax, Measure J20 sales tax, SB1 (from State), Local Partnership Program (LPP) Grant from the State, San Luis Obispo (SLOCOG) Grant, Priority Legislative Budget Project (State—PLBP) Grant.