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Coronavirus cases in San Luis Obispo County continue to grow, while more patients are now fully recovered

Posted at 3:30 AM, Mar 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-25 06:33:09-04

Each day the San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department has more cases of COVID-19 to report.

"Our case count is up to 42, that's about what we would expect," said Dr. Penny Borenstein, county health officer.

One of the nine new cases, is a Cal Poly student, who was beginning to have symptoms of the virus on campus.

The student did not live in the university's dorms or residence halls, and has since returned home, which is out of San Luis Obispo County.

Cal Poly's president has notified students and faculty about the case, but health officials don't think the campus is at risk of spreading the coronavirus.

"We don't believe the campus at large, has any greater risk of exposure from this," Borenstein said.

While two patients remain hospitalized, the number of those making a full recovery from the virus is beginning to grow.

Six patients in the county have recovered, up from just three cases on Monday.

For those who have recovered, Borenstein believes their immune response to the virus will last months to a year.

"As I said this is not fully known at this time, but it makes sense that people who have had this disease and recovered are immediately immune from getting it again," she said.

Masks, gowns, and gloves are some of the personal protective equipment that health care workers across the country are in need of.

During today's press conference, county officials said they are aggressively searching for more supplies and have started working with local manufactures to try to fill the need.

"I want the public to know, we're not waiting hoping the state is going to come and help us out, we're being very proactive," said Wade Horton, county administrative officer.

While looking to add more protective equipment for local health care workers, the county is also trying to create capacity for an addition of 1,000 hospital beds, to treat those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Public health has identified north and south county, the coast, and the central San Luis Obispo area as the regions where cases have been confirmed

But as the number of COVID-19 cases grow, the county is planning to be more specific as to where those cases are, by releasing the exact cities affected by the virus.