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Dads at Bella Vista Care Center in San Luis Obispo honored with Father's Day drive-by parade

Posted at 12:33 PM, Jun 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-20 00:12:04-04

Father's Day is Sunday, but dads at the Bella Vista Traditional Care Center in San Luis Obispo got outside for a parade in their honor Friday.

Six dads at the facility waited outside, six feet apart as families and community members drove by, honking and waving to give kudos to the dads of the building.

"And to celebrate a day like Father's Day, you can't miss something like that," Adam Bramwell, administrator of the center, said. "And to celebrate a day like Father's Day, you can't miss something like that."

At this point, families have been unable to visit for about three months, so center staff welcomes any excuse such as this to celebrate and get folks outside.

"Getting them outside, getting them some fresh air, and to see their loved ones drive by and honk, they feel like kings. And that's what we want."

Bella Vista is home to 75 residents. Staff are still allowing window visits for family in front of the building.

"Morale is up still. We're managing to keep the boat afloat," Bramwell said. "With the doors to fun things like religious groups and musicians and things for over three months, it's been a long three months. But we see that it is in our residents' best interest to keep the doors closed and stay safe."

The center has not had any coronavirus cases.

"We're following all the state and county guidelines to a T and we're just minding our manners, saying our prayers and keeping our fingers crossed that we can keep this virus out."