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Distance learning forcing some Cal Poly students to defer enrollment

Posted at 6:18 PM, Oct 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-10 00:21:50-04

Cal Poly students are finding their groove with online classes, but some wonder if the virtual experience is worth the money.

Students are about half-way through the fall quarter and while some are loving it, others are still adjusting or over it all together.

For those on the fence, community college is the cheaper way to get class credit.

"For me, it was no questions that I was going to come back and stick it out online with all my friends,” said senior Abby Au.

But starting college off virtually wasn't ideal for some freshmen.

"It's pretty terrible, honestly. Not that fun because I'm not that great at stats or any of the other classes I have to do asynchronous, so I have to teach myself, basically,” said student Samuel Fitzpatrick.

Others, like sophomore Amanda Kaup, decided to take a leave of absence for the fall and winter quarters.

“I just didn't think it was worth the tuition for an all-online quarter," she said.

Instead, Kaup is working and knocking out general education classes at community college.

While overall, enrollment at Cuesta College is down slightly this year compared to last, there's an increase of sign-ups for GE courses.

“A Cuesta history course is the same number of units, 100% transferrable to CSU and UC but costs way less,” said Jason Curtis, Cuesta College assistant superintendent.

Kaup plans to re-enroll in the spring as students can only take two quarters off.

“I don't feel that when she graduates is that important. I think the experience she gets is more important,” said parent Sara Kaup.

Preliminary numbers show Cal Poly enrollment is slightly higher than this time last year.

Enrollment for the winter quarter begins Oct. 28.

The deadline to defer housing for winter quarter is Nov. 21.