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Drought status upgraded to extreme on the Central Coast

Posted at 11:00 AM, May 12, 2022

The latest drought monitor is up (they are updated every Thursday) and much of the Central Coast has seen a drastic increase in our drought category.
The majority of the Central Coast interior and coastal valleys are now in extreme drought (last week we were in the severe category).
The only locations still in the severe category is along the coast where we have received slightly more rain recently.
Last week the San Juaquin valley was our nearest extreme drought. Now that area has expanded into much of the Central Coast interior valleys.
Here is the comparison between last week and the current drought monitor.

State wide there is a 19.3% increase in the extreme drought category.

With this upgrade it is more apparent than ever, we need rain. Unfortunately there is no chances in the forecast.
Click here for this mornings forecast from Meteorologist Vivian Rennie.