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Dry weather on Saturday was a sign of relief for local businesses in Cayucos

Posted at 6:43 PM, Mar 25, 2023

The Central Coast finally received some sunshine and that is lifting spirits in the town of Cayucos.  

The bright sunny sky and the sound of the waves were exactly what people and businesses needed after the days of pouring rain.

“We're sure glad to have a few days of dry weather," said Kathy Nelson who was visiting Cayucos.

Whether you’re like Kathy who enjoys the new flowers blooming or more like Paso Robles resident, John Booker.

 “We came out here to go surfing and we just like went out to eat," said Booker.

The bright day on Saturday allowed for many activities on the beach.

“The moment the sun came out, people came flocking and yeah, things feel alive again," said Anthony Carcosta, Cayucos Collective manager.

A feeling that business owners say has been absent following heavy rainfall.

“It's been a really challenging year so far for this town. I think a lot of other tourist towns especially, cause like a lot of the roads closed, you know, lifelines for traffic and stuff have kind of halted," added Carcosta.

Cayucos Collective is a surf and skate shop nestled in the downtown area. The manager of the shop says they are dependent on the weather being nice and he isn’t the only one noticing a change in business.

“It's just been amazing. And as the weather turns, you can really see the community's mood turning up and people kind of filling back into town," said Mical Skincare co-founder, Amber Sandoval.

Sandoval said this weekend has brought more people out and is looking forward to more days like this.