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Families share their New Year’s Eve rituals to welcome 2022

Among the most popular rituals are eating 12 grapes, which represent a wish per month of the new year.
Norma Aquino said she sweeps her house inside out to get rid of any bad energy from 2021.
Posted at 7:37 PM, Dec 31, 2021

Irene Juarez stopped for some last-minute groceries, but if there is something that can not be left out from her dinner table on New Year's Eve it is grapes.

Juarez said each person gets 12 grapes symbolizing each month of the new year. Every time a person eats one, he or she has to make a wish. This all happens right at midnight.

For others, it is more of a competition.

“We just ate them as fast as we could, so we could finish by midnight,” said Vanessa Ramos, who plans to celebrate the holiday.

New Year's Eve Is a moment of reflection to cherish highs and lows, so nothing better than getting rid of clutter.

Norma Aquino said she sweeps her house inside out to get rid of any bad energy from 2021.

“Our house is clean and we always make sure we are together at midnight, we toast at midnight, hug and kiss,” added Ramos.

In many Latino households, it is a tradition to grab a suitcase and walk around the block hoping the person can get more traveling done next year.

2021 was a rough year dealing with COVID, so a shower at midnight is a tradition at Martha’s house.

She said it is a way to kick off the year with good health.

Some Latinos get adventurous and wear red underwear to attract love, yellow for money and white for peace.

For those wanting to wish friends good fortune, think about a sheep figurine. In Spanish, “Lana” means money, so if someone gifts a sheep figurine it means you are wishing they get some extra cash for 2022.

For others, it is a night to watch football.

“If it is a good game, that is the tradition,” said Greg Marklund, who is planning for an early night.

These are all very unique ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve and even though they vary by family, they all have one thing in common, which is welcoming the New Year with the best energy.

“That everybody stays healthy, healthier,” added Ramos.