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Families showcase blue pumpkins ahead of Halloween

Blue pumpkins help children go trick-or-treating
Posted at 12:31 PM, Oct 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-28 15:47:17-04

The colors of Halloween are typically orange and black, but people may also see blue, specifically blue pumpkins.

The blue pumpkins are a way for families to signal that trick-or-treaters may have special needs.

Paso Roles mother Meghan Brady is hoping to get the message about colored pumpkins out ahead of Halloween. The goal is that people will see the blue pumpkins and recognize that some children, including her son, Quinn, who says he's dressing up as Minecraft, may behave differently.

“What we do is we have a blue pumpkin and this is the one that my son will carry around. And it's basically letting people know he is autistic. He has special needs,” explained Brady.

“Honestly, I think that it brings awareness to kids who have autism. And it's like a special thing that you guys get to do for them," said one Las Vegas resident visiting the Central Coast this week.

Some children on the autism spectrum might become overstimulated due to the noises, lights, and crowds happening on Halloween.

Families passing out candy can also showcase blue pumpkins at their door.

“One thing people can do if they makes it easier for families who have children with special needs is to put out a blue pumpkin on your porch, because then we know this is a safe place to go,” said Brady.

“I'm probably going to put a blue pumpkin out as soon as I get home," said Darrwell Swayne, also visiting the Central Coast from Las Vegas.

“I think it's amazing. I think everyone should start doing it,” said Parion Jacksson.

Brady says she hopes people will see the blue pumpkins and be more understanding. "A lot of kids with special needs, autism, any kind of special needs, they go through so many trials and tribulations on a daily basis that typical kids don't have. And we don't want Halloween to be one of those challenges.”

Richard Ramirez, a grandfather who plans to hand out candy, said, “I think that's very awesome for them to put the blue pumpkins out there. So people are walking by, they know the people that know about the blue pumpkins. They think that's just great.”

Brady adds that blue pumpkins can be used for anyone with varying abilities.