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Family remembers soldier killed in Lompoc shooting as goofy, positive

Posted at 6:36 PM, Sep 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-12 00:24:10-04

Marlon Brumfield's family wants people to remember him for who he was and not for what happened to him.

Janicia Small and Kayla Lavalais say their brother was a positive and funny person who gave great advice despite being the youngest member of their family.

"He had that presence about him. When you met him, you loved him," Small said. "He was able to meet you where you were at in your life. He didn't make anyone feel small. It didn't matter their age group, he was able to connect with everyone."

Early Sunday morning, Lompoc police say Brumfield was shot and killed at the intersection of Ocean Avenue and A Street.

He was in town visiting his family while on leave from the Army.

Now, his family is in mourning and looking back on the soldier's life.

His sisters describe him as goofy but determined. They say he overcame many obstacles at a young age, and while he may have been the youngest member of the family, he grew up to take on the role of an older brother.

"He still overcame all those barriers and went to the military and still became the man of the house," Small said. "Ended up calling my mom, calling me, calling my sister and guiding us through our problems. The transition was just crazy."

The family wants Brumfield to be remembered for the upbeat and amazing person he was.

"He had a beautiful smile and just remember him as his goofy self. He was always joking around with people. Everyone has their moments where they're not happy, but for the most part, he was always happy, always smiling, always joking with us," Lavalais said.

Brumfield was a man of many talents and passions.

His family said, among other things, he loved animals and had aspirations of one day becoming a veterinarian.

Stationed in Germany, Brumfield was a specialist E-4 in the Army and was home on leave for two weeks when he was killed.

"I just wish that I could rewind time and just hug him," Small said.

"We all spent time with him while he was here, but it's just me and my sister didn't get to see him that last day," Lavalais said.

The family said they hope justice is served and that law enforcement officials find the person responsible for Brumfield's death.

Brumfield's death is the sixth homicide in Lompoc this year. It is one of two that remains unsolved.