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Fathers celebrate their day at the San Luis Obispo Blues baseball game

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Posted at 8:45 PM, Jun 19, 2022

Today is Father’s Day. A holiday dedicated to celebrating the father figures in our lives and many families decided to hit the baseball game as their way to celebrate.

“We got a ball game all we need now is a pizza and a beer and a good movie and we are all set," said the father of five children, Roy Aguirre.

“Baseball has always been something that’s been special for me and my family," said Joseph Romero.

For families in attendance, it’s become a tradition.

“We tried to make this a yearly thing; we came here last year," said Romero.

For one Blues fan, Rusty Davis, his love for the game began in 1998 when he would attend with his father, now with his dad gone he says he comes to the games to honor him.

“I’m doing this for him because I want to be a part of somewhere he used to take me to for years," said Davis.

For some fathers, they say the title of being dad holds an important and special meaning.

“Someone that they can count on, I know I have always counted on my father growing up and I hope these boys can do the same thing with me," said Romero.

 The Blues general manager says the team usually does not have games on Father’s Day so having a game land on this day provided a great opportunity to bring families together.