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Flowers placed to remember San Luis Obispo residents found dead near crash site

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Posted at 2:30 PM, Nov 24, 2022

Flowers now sit at the site of a crash that may have claimed the lives of two San Luis Obispo residents.

Carl Grisanti, Jr. says he was one of Matthew Chachere’s defensive line coaches when he attended Cal Poly.

“Were together for five years and just the incredible, outstanding young man there will do anything for you,” Grisanti, Jr. said.

He placed two sets of flowers at the bridge along the 3400 block of Sacramento Drive near where the bodies of Chachere, 39, Jennifer Besser, 36, and their dog were found this week in heavy brush, according to police.

“This is this an amazing young man and it was a pleasure for him to be part of our championship runs and building that stadium,” Grisanti, Jr. said. “His legacy built that stadium at Cal Poly, so that's something he has to be proud of.”

Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding their deaths and whether they’re linked to a single-vehicle crash in that same area Monday night.

At the time of the crash, officers said the driver was not suspected of being under the influence and the car was towed, but it wasn’t until a day later when Chachare and Besser’s dog was found deceased in the area that police linked it to the couple, who had been reported missing.

A search of the area near the crash took place and their bodies were then found, police said.

“When I say Matthew, I mean Jennifer as well, so I just wanted this to be put up here just for them. It's Thanksgiving and they're getting ready to go with their family, I'm sure. And so, I just, I love him dearly and I'll miss him dearly, but I know that even right now, looking down on us today, smiling, so I just wanted to put two plants there, one for Jennifer and one for Matthew and couple hearts together as one,” Grisanti, Jr. said.

Police say they don’t expect to release any update information on the investigation for at least a few days.

The driver’s name has not been released.