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Food trucks could be used to generate revenues in Port San Luis Harbor District

Posted at 8:17 AM, Mar 06, 2020

In an effort to generate additional revenues, Port San Luis commissioners are weighing whether to allow food trucks to begin doing business in Avila Beach and Port San Luis.

After breaking ground in January on the Harbor Terrace project, Port San Luis commissioners are considering whether offering lunch on wheels can help fund additional construction crews.

The recent closure of Olde Port Inn is also a factor in the commission's search for new funding.

Harbor Manager Andrea Leuker's February letter to the Board of Commissioners asks staff to further research the impacts of allowing food trucks.

The rough draft considers mobile meals at Hartford Pier, Olde Port Beach, Avila Beach, Avila Pier and the Avila parking lot.

Business owners at Hartford Pier were shy about speaking on camera but the owner of a paddle board rental stand said competition and parking are two issues on the minds of many area shop owners.

Brenen Bonetti, the head chef at Avila Market's Krava Bowl, said parking is an ongoing challenge for many businesses in Avila Beach.

"Even down to the staff finding parking when they get in here a little later in the day tends to be an issue," Bonetti said. "We're always lenient with it, knowing that it's probably going to be a 20 to 30 minute wait of them driving around trying to find a spot."

But even with the potential for heightened parking problems, Bonetti believes food trucks are a positive addition.

"I understand from a parking standpoint that it's not good but from the culinary side of things, I think it's great," Bonetti said. "Having food trucks and exposing them, it's just people trying to get started with their passion."

The way Bonetti sees it, the more diversity among the local food scene, the better.

It's unclear when the results of the commission's research will come back or when they will vote on the issue.