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Gas prices affecting some Oceano Dunes visitors

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Posted at 9:00 PM, Feb 27, 2022

Oceano Dunes is a popular getaway for many tourists and locals. As gas prices continue to surge, some people are thinking twice about where they take their next trip, while others say they will be coming to the sand dunes regardless.

“Whether it’s gas prices or higher hotel rooms and stuff like that, we can’t just hop in the truck and come here as often anymore," said Jacob Leu, visiting Oceano Dunes from Fresno.

“Yeah, we’ve noticed they’ve gone up but we’re going to come out here regardless you know. It’s not going to stop us," said visitor, Mark Maldonado.

Gas prices are hitting record highs, which is now affecting off-roading activities for some people.

In California, the high on Sunday for regular unleaded came in at $4.82.The county of San Luis Obispo also hit a record with the price of a gallon of regular gas now $5.00 and in Santa Barbara County it’s at $4.71, according to Triple-A.

Rising prices at the pump are making some people think twice before coming to the dunes.

“We use to be able to go out and ride three or four times a week, but now that’s got to get cut back to one or two times a week just cause of the gas prices," said Leu.

Leu and his family say with these high gas prices, they have to budget to be able to take a trip to the dunes.

“Paying an extra 40 bucks at the pump just to go ride each day and it adds money every time we go ride," said Leu.

While for others being able to enjoy the weather and sunny skies make the trip worth it.

“To me, the reason I got it was to have fun and do stuff like this come to the dunes go on the desert," said visitor Andre Vavdrev.

According to Triple-A, gas prices are expected to continue to rise as tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalate.