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Gas prices on the rise with no end in sight

Posted at 7:24 PM, Oct 22, 2021

Gas prices continue to rise across the country with national averages pushing four dollars, but locally that number is even higher.

In SLO county, the average gas price is sitting at $4.73 a gallon for regular unleaded, that’s up from $4.59 just a month ago, and over a dollar more than this time last year.

It’s a similar picture in Santa Barbara county with regular gas at $4.48 a gallon which is 13 cents higher than last month.

Drivers say they are left with no choice.

"No I'm not going to stop driving my car," said Rob Dwyer a California native. " I don't pay much attention to the gas prices," he said.

The hike in prices can be attributed to an increase in oil prices and lack of product.

Prices are at a 7 year high, and experts predict things will get worse before they get better.

"You don't have a choice it's just part of it," said Marinette Evangelista another customer at the pump.

If you thought locally things were bad, the sticker shock from a town not far from here will make your jaw drop.

In Gorda, an hour and a half north of San Luis Obispo, the regular unleaded has reached $7.50 a gallon.