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Grover Beach implementing new sign ordinance in commercial areas

The City of Grover Beach has been working on its economic development strategy for years, but several projects were put on hold because of the pandemic. Now that it’s 2023, city officials are revisiting their signage ordinance.
Posted at 6:11 PM, Feb 01, 2023

The City of Grover Beach is working to beautify its commercial zones. This is part of its economic development strategy.

“Part of our development strategy is to help our businesses have attractive, aesthetically pleasing signs to help bring in customers and create a very attractive commercial corridor,” explained Matthew Bronson, Grover Beach City Manager.

A priority for 2023 is revisiting the city's 2019 signage ordinance, something that Bronson said had not been done since the 80s.

“It was a long time coming,” Bronson added. “That really helped provide some additional clarity around what signs were allowed, what signs were prohibited. ”

Code enforcement crews have been going around businesses with flyers to inform owners.

The city has a list of signs that are no longer allowed. Among them are snipe signs, inflatable signs, and person signs.

“Things like feather flags that are often placed in a spot of ground and then flutter in the wind, often falling,” Bronson said.

That is one of the big changes First Class Seconds will have to make. Owner Karen Grossini said the sign helps catch people’s attention.

“I think it's kind of going to be sad to see them go, and I just don't really think it's necessary,” Grossini said. “I’ll abide by the rules because I want to keep my business going. ”

A-frames fall under a different category.

“They say you’re only allowed to have one, which that’s fine. Our A-frame just [lets] our customers know what our hours are,” Grossini said.

There are some options to keep this popular sign.

“The new ordinance does prohibit A-frame signs in the public right of way, meaning a sidewalk, a street area unless there just is no other space on private property for the A-frame signs to go,” Bronson explained. “In that case, a business can apply for an encroachment permit. ”

If a business dismisses the city’s recommendation, there could be consequences.

“If we're still unable to achieve compliance after 90 days, then we do have a code compliance violation process that goes into effect. The first violation is a warning letter,” Bronson said. “Second is $100 violation, and then it goes from there, and that's really in a last resort.”

The City of Grover Beach said the 90-day period for compliance begins after the city stops by to educate owners about the changes in signage.

“Our community really does a great job of complying with our ordinances, and we give them every opportunity to comply voluntarily,” Bronson added.

For more information on specific types of signs, measurements and permits, you can call the city at (805) 473-4520.

To see the city’s flyer, click here.