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Guadalupe in the running to win $3 million "Hometown Techover"

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Posted at 5:39 PM, Jul 15, 2021

One small Central Coast city could be chosen to receive a “Hometown Techover."

Guadalupe is in the running with nine other towns across the country to win a $3 million grand prize from T-Mobile.

Residents in Guadalupe were excited to find out their city was one of 10 communities across the U.S. nominated for a Hometown Techover.

With the help of T-Mobile, the winning town will receive 5G Network enhancements, a $200,000 grant, public space connectivity, free wireless service to 100 homes, a concert, a little league field refurbishment, and much more.

The mayor and residents agree broadband connectivity in the small town isn't what they'd like it to be.

"I think Guadalupe definitely would benefit from better internet, better connectivity, especially since we are a growing community," said Guadalupe resident Susanne Saldivar.

The mayor says it's something they need, especially for the school kids.

"The only place that has broadband is right around the school, so if someone were to come in like a kid has to go to their Zoom at home, they don't have the connectivity," said Guadalupe Mayor Ariston Julian.

Parent Amy Crimmins Neil says this past school year was tough on her child because they were constantly being kicked off of Zoom due to connectivity issues.

"That was really difficult because service was dropped all the time. At last at the 10 o'clock hour it seemed like it was pretty consistent," she explained.

Many people are also excited about the potential refurbishment of a little league field. Right now, the town has no park in usable condition to play.

"I always see kids play outside and it just warms my heart seeing them together so I think the city would benefit from that and give them a place for kids to come together," Crimmins said.

It's not all bad news for those towns that don't win. According to T-Mobile, they will still receive $50,000 to help jump-start or complete a project in their community.

The winner of the Techover will be announced at the end of this month.