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Halcyon Store Post Office to close after 113 years in the community

Posted at 7:14 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-05 22:41:11-05

One of the oldest businesses in San Luis Obispo County is set to close next month.

The Halcyon Store Post Office has been in the community for 113 years, but now the mother-daughter duo in charge of the business have to close.

The closure was not induced by the pandemic but brought about when the owners got a surprise 60-day notice from their landlord.

The store is woven into the fabric of the community and serves as a staple for many.

"It's always been so peaceful here," co-owner Sandra Strohman said. "Somebody told me the other day that it's like walking in and getting a hug."

When you walk in, you are embraced by the smell of incense and positive crystal energy.

"I was 15 or 16 when I got my first car and I came here and got a crystal from this tree and ever since then, every car, I got a crystal from here,” Halcyon Store co-owner Louise Welch said. “The fact that we are losing that, because it's not going to be here, is sad."

Halcyon store postoffice is closing. The Post Office will be permanently closed. Halcyon Store...we are looking for...

Posted by Halcyon Store Post Office on Thursday, February 4, 2021

Welch and her mom, Sandra, took over the business in 2015 and kept the spirit of the shop alive.

“The best part about this store is that it hasn't changed. We can still find the same unique gifts, it's the same aura even though it's had different employees,” said longtime customer Nan Fowler. “It's still a unique, metaphysical place to come. It's a feel-good place."

It was first built in 1908 and since then has been a library, post office, natural foods store, and gift shop.

“[Customers] are just like part of my family you might say,” Strohman said.

The future of this historic building is unknown. The landlord didn't renew the contract with the post office and now the tenants have to go.

“We always thought we would continue on without the post office like with UPS or something but then they give us 60 days notice with no reason why. I mean, we always paid our rent on time,” Welch said. “We are in shock."

The women have faith that when this door closes, another better one will open.

“Everything unfolds like it's supposed to and this is just ours. It will unfold and it will go on and hopefully it will be something better, but just as good," Strohman said.

The family said the landlord gave them until March 15 to move out, but they are going to ask to extend that date until April.

Clothing (except jackets) is 40% off and a lot of people are coming in not to say "goodbye" but rather, "see you soon."

A mailbox will be set up for Halcyon residents once the post office is closed.

KSBY reached out to the landlord for comment but has not yet heard back.