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Hearst Castle reopens, new tour available

Hearst Castle
Posted at 10:37 AM, May 11, 2022

After a more than two-year closure, Hearst Castle is opening up for tours starting Wednesday morning.

People can make reservations here.

“I'm feeling elated, excited, joyful. I'm feeling as if we can do anything. We've come so far and we've been through so much together,” said Cara O'Brien, Hearst Castle Museum Director.

People will notice a few modifications during their visit.

“If you've been to the castle before, instead of the free-roaming portion at this end, it's postponed and it'll be bus to bus, but you'll still get the same wonderful enjoyment,” said Dan Falat, District Superintendent for the San Luis Obispo Coast District of California State Parks.

The castle is unveiling a new tour to highlight the achievements of castle architect Julia Morgan, to celebrate her 100th anniversary.

“They get to see how all those arts and minds come together and make this fabulous place possible, from the water systems to the plumbing," said O'Brien. That tour is about two hours long.

The castle lost about $32 million in revenue due to the closure. While part of Hearst Castle's closure was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, needed road repairs kept the castle closed even longer.