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Heat causes schools to make changes while businesses cash in

Posted at 6:22 PM, Oct 22, 2019

October 22 didn't fell like fall in San Luis Obispo. Instead, the weather made for what would be a nice summer day, calling for some fast thinking by local schools.

Some schools gave students the chance to eat lunch inside or in a more shaded area, and even encouraged getting up to use the restroom often to make sure they're drinking water

San Luis Obispo High School had a different idea to help.

"We knew it was going to be a hot day," said Nathan Meinert, San Luis Obispo High School Assistant Principal.

So the high school decided to surprise its students with a treat.

"I was stoked, I was eating my lunch and I see two people pull up with cold coolers and there's Popsicles," said Sam Strickland, student.

"I was pretty happy about it," said Liam Mello, student.

Popsicles were given out to students during lunch time, along with ice cold water jugs.

Students were appreciative to say the least.

"Just a cool thing for them to do, nice surprise," Strickland said.

While San Luis Obispo High School was making its students happy, the heat is doing the same for some business owners.

The owner of Snofari Frozen Yogurt says when the temperatures rise, so do his earnings.

"This is a very weather-driven business and as the heat comes in, the sales go up with it," said Peter Shaker, owner of Snofari Frozen Yogurt.

Just how much more yogurt and ice cream does Snofari sell?

"On a very hot day like today, it would be an easy extra 25% increase in sales," Shaker said.

While some may hope the weather cools down, Shaker says he hopes the heat wave continues.

The Pismo Beach Surf Shop said Tuesday they have doubled their usual surf board rentals and are seeing a 25% increase in kayak and bike rentals.