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Heavy rain in Santa Maria prompts street closures

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Posted at 7:22 PM, Jan 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-29 00:37:21-05

Roads, streets, and parks flooded in many parts of Santa Maria on Thursday as the rain continued to fall.

With more rain on the way, that means the potential for street flooding on heavily traveled roads like Stowell Rd. and Black Rd.

Road closures due to flooding caused many who were headed to work to take a detour.

"This is very inconvenient when I need to go to work and roads like this are closed so now I have to turn back,” Arturo Vazquez said.

Over at Minami Park, the basins were also flooded as well as the playground area.

As streets continued to flood, Santa Maria Public Works crews were working around the clock to clear debris all throughout the city.

"We are monitoring problem areas and so far drainage facilities are keeping up with the rain with the exception of Black Road," officials said in a statement.

Edgar Herrera travels Black Road often to get to work.

"We cross every day because one of our fields is across the street and our main office is over at Betteravia Farms and we have to cross every day with our hauling trucks and ourselves to get to work, and right now it's just flooded,” Herrera said.

Although road closures can be an inconvenience, Herrera says he's happy to see rain but adds too much can become a problem.

“We need the rain. It hasn't rained, it's good. We technically had a strong December of work for the employees but at the same time it's too much rain in 24 hours and it's just too muddy out there,” Herrera said.

These roads are expected to stay closed throughout the rest of the day as it continues to rain and although some might want to cross, city crews are advising people to avoid doing that so you don’t get stuck.