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High gas prices are making local residents change their spending habits

Gas pump
Posted at 6:49 PM, May 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-23 01:47:20-04

For some drivers on the Central Coast, these gas prices are making them think twice about taking that extra trip to the beach or buying a cup of coffee. That’s because filling up your tank is costing more than ever before.

“My wallet is absolutely hurting," said Lompoc resident Joshua Her.

As you pump gas into your car the numbers keep jumping higher and higher each week.

Triple-Areports the cost of regular gas in San Luis Obispo County is now $6.27. That’s up more than 10 cents from just last week.

“We're a small family it is really hard to make these gas prices work while we still have bigger bills to pay since we are on the central coast," said Grover Beach resident Rowdy Frost.

The higher price tag is making local residents make some changes to their everyday life.

“We do make coffee at home now. We don’t really try to go out and buy stuff that we can make at home so it saves a lot more money," said Frost.

“I would say I’m making less fun little excursions. I’m mostly just going to and from campus or trying to carpool whenever possible to those fun locations," said Cal Poly student, Kelly Mckenna.

The national average cost for regular gas continues to climb with nearly every state above $4 per gallon.