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Highlands Church in Paso Robles is taking its services back outdoors

Outdoor Sunday service at Highlands Church
Posted at 8:16 PM, Sep 05, 2021

Nearly 400 churchgoers enjoyed their Sunday ceremony at a large yard at Highlands Church in Paso Robles. The faith organization is taking its services back outdoors.

A couple of weeks ago, Highlands Church announced its plans to organize outdoor services. This is a decision that pairs well with the new indoor mask mandate in San Luis Obispo County, which went in effect on Sept. 1.

“We have this beautiful lawn, we can fit more people, we can have one service with everybody here, we have plenty of space for everybody to hang out,” said Ben Kosharek, worship pastor at Highlands Church in Paso Robles. “The bands love it, the teams love it.”

The church is still planning for unfavorable weather conditions that will not allow for services outside.