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How Halloween was celebrated this year and the impact on local businesses

Posted at 6:42 AM, Nov 01, 2021

Halloween may be over but this time around the holiday has brought positivity to San Luis Obispo businesses and the community.

Last year it was estimated that $8.05 billion were spent by Americans on Halloween because the CDC advised avoiding trick or treating or other Halloween-related events.

However, this year its expected $10.1 billion will be spent on Halloween.

Candy, costumes, and more candy are what most people spend on when it comes to Halloween. COVID-19 limited the activities people could do to celebrate last year, but this year it's different.

SLO sweets in downtown San Luis Obispo has seen the change.

“SLO sweets has been a lot busier with COVID rates down and vaccination rates up. We’ve been able to have a lot more customers in the store and be more flexible with our hours," said SLO Sweets employee Netti Wulfman.

According to Business Insider, Halloween candy sales alone have already been reported to be increased by 29% in the U.S. compared to 2020.

That may mean the community is expecting to have larger crowds of trick-or-treaters this time around.

“We have giant bags of candy to pass out because like last year really no trick or treaters. But we are excited with the idea that the buzz we are hearing is that we are going to get a crowd tonight," said San Luis Obispo resident, Debbie Willheim.

While businesses last year closed their door, this year they were able to welcome in their customers and celebrate together.

“I spent last Halloween at home by myself in my costume eating a cookie. Today I get to spend it with the lovely people that come into the store and in my costume.  I am having a great day," said Wulfman.