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Hundreds attended a benefit concert in Los Osos to help those affected by January's storms

Posted at 8:42 PM, Feb 26, 2023

The Diggin’ Deep Los Osos benefit concert took place Sunday. It was a day full of dancing, music, food, and drinks all going to the same cause.

“They come together around the music and when Gary Freiberg gave me a call to say, hey, let's put this show together to help out the victims of the mudslide, it was it was natural,' said Paul Irving, event co-organizer.

In a matter of three weeks, this benefit concert featuring five local bands and a silent auction was put together all at the hands of volunteers and donations from the community.

“We were hoping to raise at least 25k and so far before the thing has even started, we've got about ten," added Irving.

“So the funds are going to be distributed in a targeted, specific way. It's not just a shotgun. We know what people need and are going to be funded for their specific needs," said Gary J. Freiberg, event co-organizer.

The goal is to let the victims of the Los Osos mudslide event know they are not alone but instead, have a whole army of people ready to lend a hand.

“It really is a beautiful thing to be part of and perhaps a reaffirmation that in all the craziness of our world, there is still goodness in people's hearts, and it's on display today," explained Freiberg.

“We have a wonderful community here and that's the grace of all of this, is that's a saving grace, really, for these people who have been affected, is that this community has come together and will continue to come together until these people have homes to live in again," said Kim Barrett, Los Osos resident.

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