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Hundreds turned out at Avila Beach for the holiday weekend

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Posted at 8:21 PM, Apr 09, 2023

Hundreds turned out at Avila Beach on Sunday. Some celebrated Easter while others just wanted to soak in the sun.

“We were shocked. We drove into Avila, and we were shocked at how crowded it was today," said Cal Poly student, Samantha Finch.

Going to the beach is an excitement many visitors and Central Coast residents were missing following months of rainy weather earlier this year.

“We were really excited to get out to the beach and, you know, enjoy the sun, enjoy some time together," said Finch.

“We needed the rain, obviously, but I'm glad we're back to the whole, you know, California vibe when it comes to the weather," said Joe Rodriguez who was visiting from Los Angles County.

The warmer temperature and sunny day marked the start of beach season for many.

“We have always loved the beach and we try and make it a yearly thing to go camping in Pismo or Morro, you know, whenever we can. So when we got the opportunity to go for spring break, it was amazing. So, yeah, we just love it here," said visitor, Kaydence Homes.