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The first rainstorm of the season is here. Is your car ready?

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Posted at 5:02 PM, Nov 15, 2023

Local auto experts are reminding drivers about the importance of not only driving safely in the rain but also preparing your car for the season ahead.

When rain falls, accidents do happen and in Morro Bay, the general manager of Chuck’s Towing says oftentimes, car tires play a role.

“It usually depends on how good the people’s tires are. So check your tires. Make sure your tires are good, inflated right, and plenty of tread," said Joe Nowakowski, Chuck’s Towing manager.

Mike Todd, who will soon be taking over the family’s auto shop, Todd’s Garage, says tires play an important role for vehicles when it rains.

"They provide you with grip and stopping. If you don’t have tires, you’re not going to stop quite as well. You’re going to go around turns. You may also hydroplane if you have bald spots on your tires," Todd said.

Having effective windshield wipers is also vital during the rainy season.

“Your windshield wipers are another important feature of your car that you’re generally only going to use when it's raining. You want to test those out today to make sure they operate for you and perform in the weather," Todd said.

Remembering to allow for extra drive time in the rain is also important.

“Normally what we see during rain is more tire changes because rain is washing debris into the road. I would advise people to give themselves more time to get to their destination. It’s not worth something happening," Nowakowski said.

The California Highway Patrol has additional tips for drivers, like staying alert for cars that may be hydroplaning, applying brakes more slowly, leaving more space between you and the car ahead, and turning on headlights when it rains, even during the day — it's California law to turn on your headlights when your windshield wipers are in use,

Local auto experts say in the end, the most important preventative measure you can take as a driver is to slow down.