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'It was very sickening.' Leaders of Republican and Democratic parties of SLO County react to Capitol riot

Posted at 6:15 PM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-08 00:44:34-05

As the nation digests what happened at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, many people are already looking to move forward.

People on both sides of the political spectrum are appalled and saddened at the violence that took place at the nation's Capitol as Congress met in a joint session to verify the election results, but people aren't as united about how to respond.

Randall Jordan, chairman of the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County, says the violence and destruction displayed by some is not a reflection of their values.

“It was abhorrent. That was not what our country was based upon,” Jordan said. “I know that there was frustration on both sides, but that should never lead to violence. It was very sickening to see that."

The secretary for the Democratic Party of San Luis Obispo County agrees, taking it a step further and blaming President Donald Trump for encouraging the disorder.

“It was an insurrection by very few people who are not patriots. They are criminals. Some of them are terrorists, some of them misguided, others very clearly there to do very bad damage to our country,” said John Alan Connerley, Democratic Party of San Luis Obispo County Secretary.

But Jordan believes Trump acted appropriately when responding to the situation.

"I think [Trump] did a perfect job. He defused the situation,” Jordan said. “He basically said whoever caused the violence needs to stop it, you all need to go home and that's what needed to happen."

In the face of criticism, many like Jordan are remaining loyal to their party leader.

“Hopefully we will see [Trump] in four more years and we will be able to try again to get him re-elected. During that time, we are going to keep up with our local elections, try and clean up our school boards and our city councils,” he said.

Others are pushing for Trump to be removed from office.

“The quickest and most efficient way to deal with Mr. Trump right now and to ensure that our country isn't damaged any further is for the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from office,” Connerley said.

Still, Connerley is hopeful the two parties can eventually work together for the greater good of the country.