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Local bars ready to welcome big crowds on Super Bowl Sunday

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Posted at 6:52 PM, Feb 10, 2023

Plenty of Central Coast viewers are expected for Super Bowl LVII on Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles face off in Glendale, Arizona.

One concern for people without cable or a streaming service is figuring out how to watch the game.

While several businesses will be closed for the Super Bowl, there will still be others open and catering to Super Bowl crowds in the region.

"We'll have the TV outside, we’ll have TVs inside," said Mariann Cook, manager at The Pour House in Paso Robles.

"We'll have the sound on, so you can even sit outside and watch television," said Rich Clayton, owner of the California Coast Beer Company in Paso Robles. "You can sit inside the brewery and watch it on four different screens. You can also see it on the big projector screens."

"We actually have a big screen," said Jacque Fields, co-owner of Wild Fields Brewhouse in Atascadero. "It's a five-by-eight LED outdoor screen, so we'll have that set up in our parklet outside. We'll have lots of extra space in addition to our traditional inside large projector screen and television."

The businesses staying open say it is a great opportunity to build community.

"There was never a thought of closing because there's no place I'd rather watch the Super Bowl with our friends," said Clayton.

"As I've seen over the years here, it's usually a standing room because everyone's too excited for the Super Bowl," said Cook.

"The Super Bowl is just another excuse to get everyone together and hang out around the table," said Fields. "That's how I was raised, so that's how our pub was fashioned."

Fans of all teams will be welcome to watch the game.

"The 49ers and the Rams are not in it, and the Raiders as well," said Clayton. "I think most people just want to see a great game."

"We definitely have a lot of Chiefs fans that come here and watch during the football season," said Cook.

Extra room will be made in light of the larger crowds that are expected Sunday.

"There's definitely plenty of seating," said Cook. "We will have more tables brought in. There are a lot of tables that'll be outside. We'll also have the back bar area that has tables and seating."

"We'll have the game on, and we have arcade games as well and mini bowling, so there's lots for everyone to do," said Fields.

"We'll just have a good time with our friends that show up," said Clayton.

The Chiefs and Eagles kickoff Sunday at 3:30 p.m.