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Local businesses say they'll be impacted, after 48 acres of the Oceano Dunes are set to close

Posted at 8:46 PM, Nov 22, 2019

Whether for or against the closure, which will impact 48 acres at the Oceano Dunes, one thing seems clear in talking with several businesses in the nearby area.

The move is going to have an impact, for some industries it could mean more business but for others, it could be a costly decision.

"We see this as detrimental to the local economy,” said Angel Valenzuela, general manager of operation, SkyRiver RV stores.

Three Fat Guys Diner is located just minutes from the dunes and the owners say while they are disappointed to see the partial closure, they're trying to look on the bright side.

"We also get a lot of locals that come here, I think maybe with us it's not going to impact us much. I think we're going to have a reduction of some people coming in,” said Charlie Brunetti, co-owner of Three Fat Guys Diner.

Closing the area of the dunes is going to have a major effect on beach side camping, and businesses at Skyriver RV say they're going to be feeling the impact

"The way it's going to affect us is if they're not here camping and using those campgrounds, we're going to sell a whole lot less parts, we are going to have a lot less customer interaction. That's going to affect our foot traffic here at our store," said Valenzuela.

The closure of 48 acres on the dunes means 50% less beach side camping, less area for outdoor activity could hurt Skyriver RV stores.

Robert Lewis, front desk manager of Edgewater Inn and Suites says the decision could go either way for his hotel.

"People sometimes come out just to camp there at the dunes and if there's limited space, which there usually is they might have to look at other options. That may be either not coming to Pismo or staying at the hotel, which we would appreciate," said Lewis.

While each owner has their own opinion of how business will be impacted, January 1st, 2020 will provide more answers.

The California Department of Parks and Recreations says they are working on a land-use management plan for the dunes which includes future recreation at the park.