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Local community Facebook groups helping those in need amid coronavirus

Posted at 7:34 AM, Mar 18, 2020

The coronavirus is impacting the daily lives of millions of Americans, but new Facebook groups such as HelpSLO or Adopt a Neighbor were created where people in the county can ask for help on everyday tasks like getting groceries, dropping off bills, or finding out what stores still have toilet paper.

Over the past weekend, Giovanni DeGarimore saw an opportunity to help people in the community, after the coronavirus was beginning to change everyday life for those on the Central Coast.

"I thought we should really come up with a way we could get this message out to people, how do we really help those in need, because there's a lot of people in the community, like myself, that really want to help others," said Giovanni DeGarimore, Adopt a Neighbor Facebook page creator.

DeGarimore created adopt the group for just about every city in San Luis Obispo County, as a way for those in the community to ask for a helping hand or volunteer their time.

In just a few days, the adopt a neighbor group gained hundreds of members.

"With all the panic and everything, the least I can do is help those in need. So I've started delivering to the elders, any pregnant women, really anyone that needs help," said Victoria Newberry, Adopt a Neighbor member.

Newberry has decided to not stay home, and instead devote her time to the people in the community that need to.

"Just seeing the smiles on their faces makes my day. Just seeing how much people care and are appreciative and thankful that I am pretty much am jeopardizing my health to help others in the community," she said.

Despite the challenges the coronavirus presents for people across the world, members on Facebook pages like Adopt a Neighbor, are focused on how and where they can help next.

Something that speaks volumes to the pages creator.

"This is where social media really shines, this is the best of social media, where we can come together and help each other and if we have that really big network I think it can be something really special, it is something really special," said DeGarimore.

While many Americans have been told to social distance and isolate in the confines of their homes, Newberry still has a lot left to check off, on her neighbors to-do list.

"After here, I'm going to go into Target and actually look for some laundry detergent and hopefully some toilet paper. If not, from here I'm going to try some local stores, maybe Walmart, and then if not try again first thing in the morning,"
Newberry said."

The groups are for anyone to join and whether you're someone who is in need of help or someone willing to help others, these pages are becoming a popular resource for everyday tasks that now might be more challenging due to the coronavirus.