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Local counties using contact tracing to understand COVID-19

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jun 05, 2020

Local counties are working to control and understand the spread of COVID-19 through contact tracing.

Santa Barbara County said contact tracing tries to identify people who may have been in contact with someone who has contracted coronavirus.

Those contacts would include family, employer contacts and others they might have been around in social settings.

When the county is notified of a COVID-19 case, they will start interviewing to determine any other contacts.

"All the contacts that person may have had between two days prior to his or hers symptom onset to the day they were put into isolation,” Santa Barbara County Community Health Deputy Director Paige Batson said. “We would trace those contacts."

Batson said Santa Barbara County would then place contacts in quarantine until 14 days from their last days of exposure. They would monitor them for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and then test them.