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Local radio host and crew create a Christmas miracle for a local family

Posted at 8:06 PM, Dec 18, 2021

As the holidays approach, a local radio host and his crew are bringing the holiday cheer to a family after they faced the loss of a mother and wife to cancer.

Scissors in hand, rolls of wrapping paper, lights, a Christmas tree, and just 90 minutes brought the 8th annual Breaking and Entering Christmas event to life.

 “The idea behind breaking and entering Christmas is just finding a family that by all accounts would not be able to have a Christmas because of everything from money, illness, hardship, death in the family. Where Christmas just feels so out of reach," said Adam Montiel, host of Up & Adam in the Morning.

Every year, listeners of the radio station can nominate a family, this year, the family includes three children and a father that will experience Christmas without mom for the first time.

“The best part of breaking and entering Christmas is that the family can retain its anonymity, there isn’t going to be a big check or picture of them on our Instagram," said Montiel. "The family will be able to walk in their home without any cameras and hopefully feel mom but also the spirit of Christmas."

The family does not know this happening in their home, but what this family also doesn’t know is they are receiving a new home.

“We heard their story on Up & Adam in the morning, and it really touched the entire team, and we thought this program is launching on January 1st this should be our first family," said Elizabeth Pauschek, Salvation Army social services county manager. "They deserve it they need our help, and it would be a real privilege to be able to do that with them."

Through a brand-new rapid rehousing program being launched by the Salvation Army six months of the family’s rent will be paid and housing assistance will be provided to find the perfect home.

Businesses and people who donate say it’s just about giving back during this holiday season.

“You know we have so much and we’re so blessed and it’s the least that we can do is to take a couple of hours of our day and come down and pour into the life of others," said Becky Gray.

For more information about the Salvation Army rehousing program, you can call the local offices at (805) 544-2401.