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Local veteran receives an unexpected surprise

Posted at 10:50 PM, Nov 14, 2021

It was an unexpected surprise for a local hero.

"I had no clue, no clue," said Si Tenenberg.

A WWII Marine veteran that for 15 years has dedicated his life to sending care packages to soldiers around the world received the honor of a lifetime.

“It’s just amazing how I’ve been so close to the military and this is the first time I have been honored in this magnitude," said Tenenberg.

Community members gathered early to decorate their cars with signs and flags to give back the same happiness Si gives to other soldiers

“I haven’t slept in the last two days because I was so excited. I told my husband I can’t wait because he needed this today and the look on his face, I’ll never forget the look on his face," said Cheryl Tolan, co-founder of Welcome Home Military Heros.

A look that carried a smile and teary eyes.

“The entire time him talking and choking up. there’s a reason why we do this, but to do this for someone you know is amazing," said Robert Tolan Jr., co-founder of Welcome Home Military Heros.

A contagious emotion that even his family felt knowing how much people admire his dedication.

“I love you I am so proud of you and you are my hero in everything," said Lindsey Hancock, Si's granddaughter.

Si’s legacy is rooted in passion and hard work. He has been able to send over 23,000 packages to soldiers deployed, sending them a piece of home in every package.

“The more organizations that can help our veterans and our troops the better it will be for this world," said Tenenberg.

Si hopes his lifelong project carries on to future generations.

More information on how you can help military families can be found on this website.