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Locals head indoors for rainy day entertainment

Posted at 7:14 PM, Jan 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-09 00:36:47-05

The smell of freshly made popcorn, a box office hit, but most importantly being inside is what drives many people to Colony Cinemas Atascadero this winter.

“Having the movie theatre as an option, I look forward to that when it’s rainy outside," said moviegoer, Jordan Denanty.

Waiting for the perfect time to watch Avatar.

“We wanted to see it last week, but we were a little worried about the three-hour time, but with the weather today we thought what better way to spend it than indoors," added Denanty.

“So far this year like the recent storm we had it’s been pretty good," said Jerry Kane, Colony Cinemas's general manager.

Kane told KSBY the last storm brought in a 20% increase but it also depends on what movies are playing that week.

“Folks will lose power and come here, folks are stuck at home in the pouring rain, and they come here," explained Kane.

Down the street, Andy’s Awesome Arcade which opened six weeks ago is welcoming increased business.

“So far our slowest weekend has been our first weekend after that we’ve been getting more and more people coming by. It’s been mostly young families," said Douglas Dole.