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Lompoc mayor appointed to leadership role in power agency

Posted at 6:11 PM, Oct 20, 2022

The mayor of Lompoc will take on a leadership role in the Northern California Power Agency, city officials announced Thursday.

Mayor Jenelle Osborne has been appointed the Vice Chair of the agency for 2022-2023 after being a member of the executive committee since 2020.

The agency represents 16 publicly-owned electric utilities, including Lompoc. Other members include Alameda, Palo Alto, Oakland, Redding and Roseville. It makes investments in energy resources that would benefit each of the member cities and communities.

"Being a part of the NCPA executive and legislative affairs team, I am able to advocate not only for Lompoc, but for all our public power partners at the local, state and federal level," Osborne said in a release.

Lompoc is among the founding members of NCPA, which was established in 1968.

Osborne is in the running for the upcoming mayoral election in Lompoc, facing off against business owner and former city councilmember Jim Mosby.