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Lompoc Unified School District announces upcoming school year schedule

Posted at 6:36 PM, Jul 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-20 21:52:08-04

Parents and teachers in the Lompoc Unified School District are getting a look at what the start of the upcoming school year will look like.

The district’s schedule includes all-day classes on Zoom, including P.E.

Many parents are now trying to figure out how to make the upcoming school year work.

One of the biggest concerns is from working parents who say they have no childcare options.

"I feel really bad for working parents that have to figure this out," said parent Alexandra French.

It's a concern the district said it's acknowledging and working on.

"We are working with our local YMCA and United Boys and Girls Club to see what we can offer in the form of child care, especially for our elementary-age students, recognizing that they are the ones that are going to require the most support," said LUSD Deputy Superintendent Bree Valla.

Another concern is children being online for more than six hours almost daily for the virtual classes.

The time is something the district says is a state requirement.

"For 2021, there is no leniency, so as a school district we need to make sure that students still meet the required instructional minutes for each subject area as well as for the entire school day," Valla said.

Parents say those instructional requirements might be a bit hard to manage.

"Although it's probably going to be hard for a lot of kids to sit in front of a screen for eight hours, I think ultimately at the beginning it’s going to be really helpful health-wise," French said.

With the announcement of the new, rigorous school schedule, homeschooling is a lingering decision for some parents.

"We have seen that some families are interested in homeschooling and of course that's an option that they can do as well," Valla said.

The district’s superintendent said they are still working on ways to help out staff and parents before the new school year begins.

Classes for Lompoc Unified will begin August 17.