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Lompoc Unified School District finalizing different learning models starting in January

Posted at 6:39 PM, Nov 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-06 00:02:17-05

Lompoc Unified School District officials are discussing different learning model options for when students return to the classroom. They are asking parents to choose one of three different options to ensure they can accommodate and meet the needs of all students.

"This week is our final push to get all responses from every family because then we can start working on the scheduling and building that,” said Bree Valla, Lompoc Unified School District Superintendent.

Families can choose between an in-person, distance learning, or independent study option for January.

According to Valla, more than 8,000 families have already responded to the survey and they are waiting for about 1,500 more.

"We also have input that we are gathering from our staff regarding their own personal needs and medical needs," Valla said.

Depending on what the teachers decide to do, it’s possible some of the students could have different teachers.

"Because we need to balance the students who need in-person with the staff who can and are safe to be in-person because they don't have any medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to the virus," Valla said.

Parent Nikisha Johnson says she prefers the in-person option.

"In my opinion, I feel like with my daughter, I think being in school would help her and I have a niece that's in school right now, she's in kinder, so I see it's hard for them to stay focused," Johnson said.

The district says survey results so far show 60% of the families prefer an in-person learning option while 40% prefer a distance learning model.

"Everybody is going to work so hard to make this happen in January but again we want to make sure that it's safe in January and then implement these plans that we are working hard on," Valla said.

If numbers were to spike over the holidays, the school district will continue with the distance learning model it's in currently.

The anticipated date for elementary schools to return is January 11, with an anticipated secondary date of January 25.

The final decision is expected at a board meeting in early January.