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Looking to make extra cash? Here are two apps that allow people to rent their pools and backyards

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Posted at 6:45 PM, Jul 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-25 22:22:15-04

Ever thought about renting out your pool or backyard to make some extra cash? Well, there are apps that allow you to do just that.

David Adams and Asher Weinberger are the creators of two different apps that allow people to make some extra cash right in their own backyard.

“Sniffspot is by dog lovers for dog lovers," said David Adams, founder of Sniffspot.

Sniffspot is an app designed for dog owners to help them find a local yard space for their furry friends.

“It all starts with our hosts. Anybody that has land can offer that land as a safe and private dog park for local dogs," Adams said.

People can then go on the app and search areas near them, booking backyards by the hour.

But like with anything, there are rules. Pet owners have to be present and dogs are required to be vaccinated. Sniffspot provides $2 million of liability insurance for the hosts.

Similarly, if a pool is what you are in search of, Swimplyis another app that allows you to rent pools that are local. Weinberger said the pandemic resulted in an increase in users.

“On the host side, people lost their jobs, their retirement accounts and so they were making six figures in some cases on their pools. On the guest side, working from home, no school or camp and we were offering a truly safe outdoor contactless experience," Weinberger said.

Founders of both apps say safety is their top priority. Swimply offers $1 million in insurance for hosts for every single booking.

“When you book a Swimply pool, you are limited exclusively to the pool area and there is an adult that knows how to swim at all times. We do inspections with a third party, sometimes with a pool maintenance company. In other cases, we will have our pool team reach out sometimes and do a FaceTime-sort tour of the pool," Weinberger said.

Both apps make money based on commission with their hosts and both apps are hourly rentals with hosts setting prices, availability, and rules.

Backyard rentals for dogs can range from $4 to $20 per hour while pool rentals average between $35 to $50, although some pool rentals can be hundreds of dollars.