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Memorial Day is quickly approaching and Lopez Lake is bracing for a busy holiday weekend

Posted at 7:07 PM, May 21, 2023

Memorial Day is quickly approaching and Lopez Lake is bracing for a busy holiday weekend.

“It's going to be packed. You bet," said Orcutt resident, Leonard Delgado.

Lopez Lake park rangers are expecting a full campground. They are predicting to see double the number of boaters compared to years past.

“Even though we're sold out, we've been really busy, lines are long. I think for the most part, people have a pretty good attitude about what's going on and excited to see their local reservoir full and, you know, looking forward to using it," said Park Ranger, Keith Kuiken.

“A lot of people from Fresno, Bakersfield that come out to get out of the heat, you know, and now, especially with the water level the way it is, it's awesome," added Delgado.

It’s been 25 years since the lake has been completely full.

“I have a friend who lives just up the way here and I would visit her at least once a week and so through the whole drought, Lake Lopez was looking pretty puny and we were feeling really sorry for it. But it has come back to life," said Oceano resident Bernadette Cotinola.

"It’s pretty amazing. I mean, just, you know, as we filled in, spilled back in March, seeing people that have come and haven't come out in decades to see this place," said Kuiken.

The glistening water drawing in more and more crowds since heavy rains earlier this year.

“Already this weekend was filled just going through the campground you could see that there were groups and groups of people already enjoying the campground. I won't be here for Memorial (Day), but I'm sure this place will be filled up again," explained Cotinola.

The holiday weekend foreshadows what’s to come this summer.

Boating safety is a big concern for park rangers. They told KSBY they want to remind the community that children 12 years or younger must be wearing a life jacket at all times while on the boat.